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Scared of Television - Terms and Conditions


Definition of Terms


“Agreement” refers to the terms set out between these terms and conditions and the agreed details provided as part of the Scared of Television selection confirmation document.


“Submission Form” refers to the details provided on the ‘Scared of Television: Submit’ form 


“Submitter” refers to the person who has completed the submission form. 


“Project” refers to the combined visual and auditory elements of the work detailed in the submission form. 


“Creator” refers to the person, or company responsible for the creation of the visual aspect of the project. I.e. the filmmaker, director, producer or production company.


“Track” refers solely to the musical recording that features within the project specifically in relevance to its use in the project.


“Artist” refers to the musician or collective musicians responsible for the recording of the track.


“Relevant Parties” refers to the production company, filmmaker, director, producer, artist, artist manager, artist management agency, record label or any other party who holds a controlling interest in any aspect of the project. 


1. Permissions


1.1. The submitter must hold full rights to the project or source permission from all relevant parties before submitting the project via the submission form. 

1.2. The submitter must be able to provide Scared of Television evidence of rights and or permissions from all relevant parties upon request.

1.3. As part of the submission form, there are fields for inputting the contact details of relevant parties. By completing these fields, the submitter is acknowledging they have notified all relevant parties of their intention to submit and have received permission to share these details with Scared of Television. Scared of Television accepts no responsibility for details being shared without consent.

1.4. The submitter acknowledges that by sharing the relevant parties information with Scared of Television, they are granting Scared of Television permission to contact the relevant parties on behalf of the submitter to confirm permissions.


2. Adaptations


2.1. Every project shared through the Scared or Television platform will be shared with the addition of a short sting preceding the video and a ‘Scared of Television’ branded end card immediately following the video.


2.2. A small ‘Scared of Television’ icon will be visible in the bottom right corner of the video throughout. This icon will be overlaid via the YouTube platform and is not burned into the project.


2.3. Other than the adaptations detailed above, the video will be posted without any further changes to the project provided by the submitter.


2.4. Language and subtitles.


2.5. Scared of Television will accept projects in any language.


2.6. If the project features any dialogue, or there are lyrics or text that are integral to the narrative or overall understanding of the project. The submitter agrees to provide English subtitles at the request of Scared of Television. These can be provided as burned in subtitles or as a separate SRT. file.


3. Ownership and Exclusivity


3.1 Scared of Television claims no ownership of the project and agrees that the project remains the sole intellectual property of the relevant parties.


3.2. By submitting the project to Scared of Television, the submitter and or relevant parties agree that Scared of Television can share the project in any format they deem fit across any and all Scared of Television platforms indefinitely.


3.3. By submitting the project the submitter and/or relevant parties grant full permission for Scared of Television to share any aspect of the project including any provided promotional materials across any and all Scared of Television platforms for the purpose of promoting both the project and the Scared of Television platform. 


3.4. By confirming the agreement, the submitter and all relevant parties agree that Scared of Television has exclusive rights to share the project online for the period of time laid out in the agreement. 


3.4. The submitter, creator, artist and relevant parties agree to not allow the video to be made publicly viewable online via any means beyond the Scared of Television platforms during the period set out in the agreement.


3.5. During this time, the creator, artist, or relevant parties may share this video publicly at in-person events only, including, but not limited to, premieres, festival screenings or private screenings.


3.6. If at any point during the period of exclusivity the submitter, creator, artist or relevant parties wish to revoke the agreement, they may do so in writing at which point Scared of Television will remove the project from across their platform at their earliest convenience, at which point the submitter, creator, artist or relevant parties are welcome to share the video however they wish.


3.7. If at any point throughout the period of exclusivity, Scared of Television are required or choose to remove the project from our platforms, we may do so without warning. If this situation arises, we will endeavor to notify the submitter of the removal as soon as is convenient.


4. Content Policies


4.1. Scared of Television reserves the right to reject any project without explanation.


4.2. Any project that is submitted that we believe contains illegal content will be immediately rejected and may be reported to the relevant authorities. This could include, but is not limited to, videos that involve extreme violence, terrorism, or other criminal activities.


4.3. All submitted videos must adhere to YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Programme Policies.

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